“If you ain’t dreamin’, you sleepin’, and you can’t make NO money like that“ - Kal


KuntryKali, hailing from PG County, MD, home of a couple well known upcoming artist like Goldlink, Logic, IDK, and Chaz French, is one of those artist that you only come across every blue moon. Originally born in Philadelphia, PA, Kali was raised in a military family which caused him to relocate to San Diego then Norfolk, VA before settling in Maryland at the age of 15. Developing the confidence to be different over the years of traveling is what gives him his unique flow and production choice. From his weighty lyricism down to his distinctive chipped gold tooth, he shows his dare to be different. Now making the move back to California (LA) he looks to bring his destiny full circle as he carves his own lane in new-age hiphop.


Might as Well

Produced by Beatrix

Directed by Hyperview Films